The Pringles Jet

Being locked down keeps the virus away. That may be true. On the other hand, contact to common sense and mind broadening opinions growing sparse doesn’t do you no good. Weird ideas lurk to materialise. – This is what emerged on day #74 somewhere in Switzerland:


They’re a nuisance, these Pringles. Not one single healthy ingredient, 1’000 calories per can and a flavour that makes you munch the whole thing in one go. Not to mention that, whenever I conclude to allow myself some of the Classic Paprika variety, the pantry has already been raided leaving nothing but utter emptiness.

With „empty“ being the operative word. Hollowed Pringle cans are fun. There is at least one useful application for each and every of the 1’000 calories previously contained.

Where’s the MiG?

These days, the innards of my long-gone Freewing’s MiG-15 suddenly disappeared from the drawer where they had been collecting dust for years. It was a complete power unit consisting of motor, controller and a 64mm ducted fan. Mysteriously though, an old Spektrum AR6210 receiver seemed to have gone with it. It was not until today that the resulting achievement broke cover: The Pringles Jet.


In addition to the power unit mentioned above, Flying Tom’s Skunk Works also used:

  • a couple of Pringles cans (empty!) for the fuselage
  • some FliteTest Foam Board panels for wings and empenage
  • a Parkzone Stryker F-27Q nose cone for enhanced aerodynamics

The general layout reminds me of the Lockheed U-2. But being more compact it promises less bitchy landing behaviour than the Dragon Lady.

With only the installation of the servos and the steering linkage left on the to-do list, a soon maiden flight attempt seems inevitable. Stay tuned for the first flight report coming up on this blog.

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