PCM Taser F5J – Build Report

Last Update: 03.05.2020

Table of Contents

  1. Wings (ailerons, flaps)
  2. V-Tail
  3. Power System (motor, controller, battery, airscrew)
  4. Receiver (wiring, wing connectors)
  5. Configurations (flight modes, aerodynamic settings)
  6. Bill Of Materials (parts reference, cost)

State Of The Build

This build is „almost“ completed. That means:

  • All decisions on which components to be used have been taken
  • All components are installed or at least purchased and ready to be installed
  • Handmade wiring harnesses for the wings and the fuselage are tested and ready for use.
  • Tests of critical components or interactions of critical components are passed.
  • The dress rehearsal with everything in its intended position resulted in the centre of gravity measured at 67 mm, which is plainly perfect.

What is left to be done is a lot of waiting for epoxy to cure …