RCRCM Sunbird – Build Report

Last Update: 29.12.2018

Here is the build report of our RCRCM Sunbird, which is still in the making.

Usually, our build reports tend to creep way behind the progress of the model and are constantly at risk of remaining unfinished. This time we try to write the report in parallel with completing the model, even though we know that this will slow down the build.


Page Published
1. Intro 11.12.2016
2. Concepts 14.01.2017
3. Bill Of Materials 11.12.2016
4. Wings, Ailerons, Flaps 11.12.2016, translation pending, updated 10.09.2017
5. Fuselage baustelle 03.12.2016, updated 04.09.2017
6. Elevator & Rudder baustelle 19.08.2017
7. Programming DX9 planned
8. Storage and Transport planned

Current state of work: 04.09.2017