Still Waiting for Heron

No, not for Heron of Alexandria, the forefather of all engineers. – Or, now that I think of it, maybe yes. Heron the Mechanicus might have deserved to be the Eponym of Multiplex‘ 2.4 metres four-flaps t-tail glider. But on the other hand, considering the naming standards at Multiplex, they probably just meant the bird Ardea Cinerea. (Picture: Krughorn, European bird sanctuary Düppeler Forst near Berlin, Germany).


Why still waiting? – The model has been on the market since 2014!

Our sample of the Multiplex RR Heron was ordered in November 2016. This was six months or – believe it or not – no less than five thousandths of a century ago. Unfortunately, the supply chain ran dry and we are still holding out for a relieving message from our dealer. Nothing so far.

Anyhow, the prevailing misery could not keep us from tackling the inevitable build report. If you ever wanted to see someone writing about something he hasn’t even managed to lay hands on, then you should read this: Multiplex Heron – Build Report.


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