Flitzebogen 2 – Build Report – Concepts

Last Update: 25.07.2019

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Voltage and Power Supply

Additional Components

  • wing servo variants
    • KST X08 V5.0, 2 x 9 g
    • KST X08H V5.0 plus RC-Solution servo frames, 2 x 10 g
  • rudder and elevator servos: KST X08 V5.0, 2 x 9 g
  • receiver: Jeti Duplex 2.4EX R5L, 6 g
  • battery: 2s lipo variants
    • Eflite 280 mAh, plus adapter cable battery balancer to receiver, 19 g
    • Hacker Top Fuel 350 mAh, 23 g

Flight Weight Estimate

The kit comes at 146 g empty, with a target flight weight range of 205 – 240 g proposed by the manufacturer. That leaves us with 60 – 100 g for adding our selected components to make the Flitz airworthy. Starting at 146 g with the complete kit included, we add:

  • steel wire steering linkage: 10 g
  • wing servos and wing wiring harness: 18 g
  • rudder and elevator servos: 18 g
  • receiver: 6 g
  • fuselage wiring harness: 5 g
  • battery: approx. 20 g
  • epoxy, glue, fasteners and reinforcements: 6 g
  • ballast: max. 3 g

So, we are aiming for a flight weight of about 230 grams. Compared with the manufacturer’s specification this is plausible. Compared with 330 grams of our old Topsky 3.0 of the same size this is overwhelming.

Storage and Transport

The Flitz, especially the wing and the tail feathers, is far too vulnerable a bird to be thrown unprotected into the trunk of the car. It just takes a heavier plane, an rc transmitter case or some tool slipping around or an awkward pebble somewhere in between and your Flitz is history. The usual textile UV-protection sleeves won’t do the trick. A hard case is needed.

CHF 129.- for one of Hebu’s aluminium transport cases are an inevitable investment. It goes without saying that the wing and the elevator must remain demountable, if such a case is to be used.

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