PCM Taser F5J – Build Report – Wings

Last Update: 02.08.2020

On this page we are going to:

  1. cut the servo pockets and install the servos in the wings
  2. set up the steering linkage for ailerons and flaps
  3. make and install the wiring harness for the wing servos
  4. connect the wing servos to the receiver circuit

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Servo Pockets

A pocket size of 36 x 36 mm will leave sufficient 7 mm of rim to bear the covers. The Dremel® with a cutting wheel is used for this. Tests with a scalpel revealed a big rupture and delamination risk. The „new edition“ wing is hollow in that area and the skin is too delicate to allow for brute force attempts.

Sufficient room for KST X08H servos in wooden RCsolution frames.

Throw Limits

The geometry of the steering linkage (servo arm, push rod and horn) is to provide sufficient throw for all flight modes and settings according to the building manual. A safety margin of 3 mm is added to keep the servos from jamming the control surfaces against the delimiters.

  • Ailerons
    • Up: 23 mm (20 mm for max. aileron up)
    • Down: 10 mm (7 mm for max. aileron down)
  • Flaps
    • Up: 21 mm (18 mm für aileron support in severe conditions)
    • Down: 33 mm (30 mm for landing configuration)

PCM’s setting proposals are measured in millimetres perpendicular offset from normal position. Cardboard templates pushed in the gaps between the control surfaces are a great help.

„P-MPX“ Connectors

Do not try to google it. I made this up. P-MPX stands for Perpendicular MultiPleX Connector. I needed an angle of 95 to 100 degrees between the connector plugs recessed flush with the fuselage and the wing’s wiring harness. Necessity is the mother of invention, they say.

A connector casing extension moulded with epoxy resin is added to support the angle in this highly strained area and to relieve the soldered connections.

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