PCM Taser F5J – Build Report – Receiver

Last Update: 03.05.2020

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On this page we are going to

  1. build the fuselage connectors for the wing wiring plugs
  2. install the receiver
  3. decide upon the antennae position
  4. install the receiver the telemetry components

Wing Connector Plugs


Now where does the receiver go. There is enough room in the cockpit area. But there is now way of driving the antennae out of the fuselage in front of the wings. They would be mauled by the folding propeller blades. The receiver is to be positioned aft enough to allow for the antenna tips to exit well behind the wings‘ trailing edge. About there (inside the fuselage, of course):

And just in case you were wondering how on earth the antennae were being threaded into their protective tubes back there deep in the dark fuselage. There is no need for endoscopic surgery. Look at this:

03.05.2020: work in progress …

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