Composite RC Gliders Aurora TT – Build Report – Physics & Aerodynamics

Last Update: 30.01.2021

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Centre of Gravity (cg)

And now for the first „test flight“ on the cg scale which is set to 68 mm. All components are already installed or at least taped to their intended location. Level flight attitude on the scale is reached at a weight of 276 grams including ballast of 11 grams. This provides us with ample weight reserve for additional electronic goodies (magnetic switch, logger, telemetry sensors) and some reinforcements planned for the servo frames.

Flight Mode Settings

I will stick with Composite RC Gliders proposals to complete the build. For the current settings please refere to the Aurora hangar page.

Flight ModeAileronsElevatorRudder
Launch2 mm up0 0
Thermal4 mm down1 mm down0
Land50° down5 mm down0

[⇐ 5. RC-Components] | [⇑ Overview] | [7. Bill Of Materials ⇒]

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