Freewing A-10 Thunderbolt II – Erstflug

Die Schaumwaffeln werden immer grösser, schwerer, schneller und nicht zuletzt teurer. Diesem Trend kann sich auch Flying Tom nicht verschliessen. Unsere neue sechs-kilönige A-10 Thunderbolt II von Freewing mit zwei 80mm EDFs und 1 Meter 70 Spannweite hatte letzten Sonntag Erstflug.

RunCam Split 3 Micro – Monitored

Average RunCam owners operate their gear in FPV mode. You know, multicopters and FPV goggles with the camera streaming live to the pilot’s view. They don’t have to think about display devices and the ways of connecting the camera to them. It’s all standard. – This is not the case for Flying Tom’s application.

RunCam Split 3 Micro

Now that Corona keeps us from taking to the sky, some long harboured ideas of the home-based variety reoccur to mind. Flying Tom has not been too much into FPV so far. But pilot’s view videos are valuable clickbait in the web. RunCam’s Split 3 Micro camera comes in handy for this.